Fly Circus Space is New Orleans' top aerial and circus studio. It is easily accessible to uptown and downtown folks, and features classes in aerial, pole dance, ground acro, yoga, object manipulation, kids' classes and more! The staff at the Fly are the most experienced teaching artists in New Orleans, and we love to share our passion for circus. We focus on safety and healthy training practices to make you strong and fit and avoid injury as you learn, and we joyfully nurture individual expression to cultivate the circus artist in you! 


You will be asked to sign a waiver on your first visit. No one practices without a waiver. Yes, even if you're just stretching. Go here to download and print your waiver prior to your first visit if you prefer.

I'm New to Aerial! Where Do I Even Start?

If you have never taken an aerial class before, we offer an Intro to Aerial Series. This is a 4-class series in which you explore all the major apparatus and learn the very basics. You must take at least one Intro to Aerial Series before you sign up for any Level 1 class. In order to enroll in any Level 1 class, you must be able to do at least 3 vertical climbs and at least be working on inversions off the ground. Register for the next round of Intro to Aerial here.

How Do I Contact Someone?

To contact us, email or call us at 504-475-6475. To contact a specific instructor, go to the Instructors page and click on that instructor's name. Boom! Email!

Registration and Makeup Class Policy

You must pre-register for classes unless given explicit permission by the instructor for drop-in. If you need to miss a class for any reason, you must notify us more than 24 hours before the class. If you notify us at least 24 hours in advance, you will be allowed one make up class per session by dropping in on another class taught by the same teacher in the same session. We can only offer one make up class with proper notice per session. If you cancel day of, or simply do not show, you will not receive a make-up class, except in extenuating circumstances. We do not give refunds.

You communicate with and pay the instructor directly for a private lesson. Payment at time of booking is preferred. If you cancel, you will be refunded half your payment. If you simply do not show, you will not be refunded. If you have not paid the instructor for your scheduled time, and you cancel within 24 hours, you must pay for half that time before you can reschedule.

If an instructor cancels a class or lesson less than 24 hours in advance, your next one is on us. 

Open Gym Rules

1) You must be approved for open gym. If you are local, you must be a current student, or you must have completed at least one Intro to Aerial Series within the last six months. Email us if you have questions about whether or not you are approved.

2) You may not teach or ask anyone to teach you anything during open gym. Open gym is for practicing what you know, and only what you know. Instructors are present for safety's sake, but they are not there to instruct during open gym. Asking another student how to do something is dangerous, as they are also learning and may not fully understand the movement. When in doubt, get down, and ask in class later. 

3) Can I hang my own apparatus at open gym? Maybe. We have limited pulley points that we can hang single point apparatus from, but double point is much more difficult for us to rig. Please bring your own spansets and hardware. 

4)The Open Gym schedule is more or less consistent, but open gyms may sometimes be added or taken off the schedule at the facilitator's discretion. We do understand the need to plan ahead, however, and we will not change the Open Gym schedule within 24 hours of an open gym time without extenuating circumstances.


Please wear form fitting athletic clothing. No jewelry or shoes are allowed in the gym. Do not wear clothing with zippers, snaps, buttons, or buckles. Silks, trapeze, rope, lyra, and hammock classes require coverage of the backs of the knees, armpits, and midriff.

Misc. Policies

Please shower before class and wear deodorant as a courtesy to your instructors and fellow students. We are often working in very close proximity to one another. Please do not chew gum in the gym. No eating or open containers allowed in the gym area.