KIDS CIRCUS Ages 9-14 Thu 4:30-6:00


KIDS CIRCUS Ages 9-14 Thu 4:30-6:00

from 22.00

Fall Session Thursday Class: Aug 22- Oct 24

There is no drop in without instructor approval. Please email Liza at to discuss. The drop in fee is $22.


We’ll improve strength and flexibility with acrobatics on the floor and in the air, including trapeze and aerial silks. We’ll practice equilibristics, the art of balancing yourself, on rola-bolas, on globes, on the tight wire, and on stilts. We’ll learn juggling and object manipulation using scarves, balls, rings, and spinning plates. Studies show that cross-lateral movements, in which you cross the mid-line of your body, are said to help synch your brain hemispheres, building “grey matter”. We’ll have fun with clowning and physical comedy, using theatrical play to feed the imagination and keep us laughing! Circus has so many benefits beyond just the physical. Through it, we learn trust and perseverance, gain self-confidence and focus, and improve communication skills. Join us!

Circus arts is a performance art, athletic and artistic, we encourage children to be creative with the materials and we demonstrate and perform for each other throughout the classes.

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