Silks 2 Mon 7:15-8:15


Silks 2 Mon 7:15-8:15

from 22.00

Note: No class July 1. July’s first class will be on the 8th.

Drop ins are allowed only with instructor approval. Email to inquire before you purchase a single class.

Silks 2 is for students who have mastered the basic curriculum of Silks 1 or have been approved by the instructor. 


You must have a solid Figure 8 Wrap, Hip Key, Single and Double Foot Knot, Catchers Wrap, and Cross Back Straddle.

Silks 2 begins to work on S-Wraps, Wheeldowns, more and bigger drops, and more sequencing. 

Note: There are 5 Mondays in April. We will Skip the last Monday of the month.

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