Welcome to Circus Camp! This unique day camp for kids ages 9-14 offers your child a chance to learn fun circus skills from some of New Orleans' top professionals. You kids will learn... 

Acrobatics on the floor and in the air, trapeze, hammock, silks, Spanish web, lyra, the sky is the limit – well – of course we need to cover the basics, and most of all safety first and foremost! Acrobatics is ALL core strength and taking to the air will develop that upper body strength too!

Equilibristics, the art and craft of balancing yourself, on rola-bolas, on globes, on stilts (from bucket stilts to high stilts), on unicycles and on the tight wire. Discover the beautiful feelings of being and moving in balance!

 Juggling and Prop manipulation, scarves, balls, rings, flower sticks, Chinese yo-yos, spinning plates, swinging poi, so much FUN and the BEST cross brain training! Cross-lateral activities, in which you cross the mid-line of your body, are said to help synching your brain hemispheres, juggling builds “grey matter” – and focus for sure!

Clowning and physical comedy, while we hone our acrobatic skills, our balancing and prop skills, we might discover a clown that has to be set free – so we might just do that!

Fly Circus Space is a proud member of the American Youth Circus Organization, and we adhere to their professional standards in pedagogy and safety. All our instructors are highly qualified and experienced in working with children. We break complex movements into learning steps that are challenging yet allow for the experience of success.

Circus arts is a performance art, athletic and artistic, we encourage children to be creative with the materials and we demonstrate and perform for each other throughout the classes. There will be a short demonstration on the last day so you can see what they've learned!

Fine Print:

 All Camp classes are held at Fly Circus Space, 4820 Calliope St, 9am -1pm, Monday through Friday.

10 kids is our maximum per session. There will be 2 instructors present at all times. 

Parents must sign a waiver for each child participating. 


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