Duo Lyra w/ RAVEN Sat 6/30 11:00am-12:30pm

Dirty Circus - HOY - January 18th 2018-1180.jpg
Dirty Circus - HOY - January 18th 2018-1180.jpg

Duo Lyra w/ RAVEN Sat 6/30 11:00am-12:30pm


Duo Lyra - 90 minutes

Prerequisite - ability to invert in the air

Learn some fabulously photogenic duo moves AND some snazzy transitions.

This workshop begins with partnered warm up exercises on the ground and in the lyra. Students will learn mirrored and counter-balance duo moves under, inside, and above the lyra, and will explore transitions to connect poses into a unique duo sequence.

RAVEN is an aerial and ground performance group comprised of Kyla Ernst-Alper and Sylvana Tapia, as well as other collaborators on and off the stage. Drawing inspiration from photography and cinematography, as well as classical and contemporary dance, RAVEN’s work focuses heavily on weaving compelling concept and striking imagery into movement.

RAVEN is based in NYC and has performed all over the world, including for the ZeeTV 25th Anniversary Show in Mumbai, India, at The Box Soho in London, and at Torture Garden’s Love Hurts Ball at the Electric Brixton. In New York RAVEN can be seen regularly at The Slipper Room, The House of Yes, Veil, and The Box, among other venues.

instagram: @ravenkindness @sistertothesun @kygwen

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